Executive Summary

Executive summary :

  • Global Akfa has been established in 2007 and has it’s own investment in 4 different financial markets around the world .
  • Global Akfa is a major partner with :
    • Qanawat Telecom Company which has recently been awarded two major awards and named one of the 100 Fast Growing Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .
    • Ebram Investment, Ebram Investments has been a regional success story, laying the foundation for expansion. As the first investment house in the GCC to focus on knowledge-based industries.
  • Global Akfa  is the majority shareholder of a chain of dental clinics in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) that has a clear business model for the management of the aforementioned clinics, consistent with the definition of a sufficient, uniform, excelling quality, price balanced service offer, in a way that it adjusts exactly to the market demands.
  • In 2012 Global Akfa implemented a new direction towards importing medical supplies , and became the sole agent of FMD dental implants ( A high quality CE approved Italian implants ) .
  • In 2013 and after an intensive study of food market , Global Akfa has selected a few products to work on , accordingly a highly qualified commercial manager was hired to establish food trade section .