Strategic Plan

The dental services industry in which Global Akfaoperates is expanding.   Management believes that there is opportunity in the industry for a company that can provide services for the insurance, corporate sector and specialized services, specifically toward esthetics, pediatric and orthodontic services.

Global Akfa ‘s marketing strategy is to represent its services as the best and most logical solution to customers’ needs. The Company is positioning itself as the highest quality, best value provider of services in the marketplace.

Sales of the company’s services will be handled by an internal sales force. A telemarketing, direct mail, and advertising firm will assist with building brand awareness and generating sales leads.

The population of Riyadh is 4.5 M (2001) indicates that there are numbers of Global Akfas target. Recent studies show that the region is growing by [14%] per year.

Global Akfa will expand its base of client by research, advertising and marketing.

  • Reviews the price list and makes price changes to meet the changes in the market with the approval of the general manager.
  • Keeps up-to-date with market needs and the competitor policies.
  • Analyzes market conditions and collects data about the changes in the market and how competitors are reacting to these changes.
  • Conducting focus groups, co-coordinating surveys, researching recent reports and articles, or commissioning market research.
  • Initiating and planning marketing campaigns by analyzing problems and opportunities and liaising with management and clients (internal and external).
  • Press releases.
  • Brochures
  • Advertisements in magazines, newspapers and other publications that cater to its target customers.
  • Television and radio commercials.
  • Open house events.
  • Trade show presentations.
  • Creates relationships with government and private agencies, mass media, press and other relevant circles.
  • Maintaining and updating information on an organization’s website.
  • Answering enquiries from individuals, journalists and other organizations.
  • Developing and maintaining good working relations with the media, including local and national newspapers, magazines, radio and television;
  • Prospect for clients by through telemarketing.