• Credibility
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork and respect to team members
  • Customer satisfaction

Investing in opportunities with the highest profits and calculated risks .

  • Global Akfa has the core competencies entails, strategic planning, key account management, cost savings, revenue enhancement, liaison & coordination. It’s a company, managing a multi Healthcares Facilities in Saudi Arabia.
  • Basically Global Akfa is an investor in the financial markets which has a conviction that the technical analysis is the right tool to enhance the overall wealth and considered as An opportunity oriented company by investing in a short term trading investments Following a restricted conservative diversified  strategy .
  • To expand our services and build our own dental labs .
  • Expand and develop our dental services .
  • Management of medical knowledge .
  • Develop Continual dental educational programs .
  • Achieve high profit investments .
  • Expand and develop medical supplies trade .
  • Establish and develop food trade section .

MD Message

Precision in work for impressive  results are the main goals of Global Akfa For Commercial Investment Company that had been established in the year 2007 . Despite being in the market since only a few years , Global Akfa had strongly proved itself with it’s sister companies in several areas like telecommunications , health services and Food sector .

We believe that key of success is faith in the  ability to achieve it , by having a clear vision . strategic  planning and continuous hard work , we also  believe that we should always keep ourselves  up to date at all levels , and we emphasize on the importance of attracting expertise in all aspects from all over the world for work development to reach our goals .

Currently , we are not the best , but we will be in the future .

Managing Director

Dr Mohamed A. Bahabri

About Global Akfa

  • Global Akfa has been established in 2007 and has it’s own investment in 4 different financial markets around the world

Global Akfa is a major partner with :

  • Qanawat Telecom Company which has recently been awarded two major awards and named one of the 100 Fast Growing Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .
  • Ebram Investment, Ebram Investments has been a regional success story, laying the foundation for expansion. As the first investment house in the GCC to focus on knowledge-based industries.

Our Partners